Empire & Tool Diversity: Integration is Key

Since the release of PowerShell Empire at BSidesLV 2015 by Will Schroeder (@harmj0y) and myself, the project has taken off. I could not be more proud of the community of contributors and users that have rallied together to help us maintain and continue building Empire. Since the project’s release, Matt Nelson (@enigma0x3) has joined our team and has taken charge of handling the various issues that arise from time to time (many thanks to him for this uphill battle). Also, Matt Graeber (@mattifestation) is now working with us and will likely have a lot of backstage influence on the continued development AND detection/mitigation of Empire. To think of it, I have been mostly hands-off with Empire development recently… Will and Matt work at speeds that I can only envy and their vision for the tool is fantastic. This post is continuing an ongoing blog series that the Empire team is doing and will cover integration with existing toolsets, namely Metasploit and Cobalt Strike. The remainder of the series with some background and an ongoing list of series posts is kept here.

Early on we recognized that we didn’t want Empire to be an “all-purpose” agent, so we wanted to ensure that it integrated well with existing operational tools and platforms. We firmly believe that there is no single universally perfect tool- every situation demands a different perspective and each blue team likely has different training objectives (red teams take note, they are your “customer”). With unity in mind, we wanted to primarily focus our integration on easily passing sessions back and forth between Empire, Metasploit, and Cobalt Strike.

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