PowerPick – A ClickOnce Adjunct

Phishing has always been a luck of the draw situation for me on engagements. Many people say that phishing is the easiest step and while I typically agree (since you only need one successful payload to run), I find it is one of the most common areas to tip off incident responders that there is a malicious campaign occurring. On one recent engagement, phishing was quite a pain point for me as their users were very well trained and the layers of defense that my email had to go through were mind blowing. It was not long before I received notifications from spamhaus and watched responders diving in on my initial endpoints.

Thanks to the NetSPI team, I just recently discovered my new favorite phishing technique that I wish I had used in that tough case! While playing with it, I made a slight modification which hopefully will provide a demo of one of many methods of modifying this technique.

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